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Types of Pillows that Work Well with Combination Sleepers

The thing about combination sleepers is that you have to consider a little bit of everything. You need a pillow that offers enough support when sleeping on your side, so this means that you need a little height. However, it’s also normal for you to flip to your back anytime, so this means you also need your pillow to have a lower area in the middle to accommodate the curve of your head and neck.

Understanding What Kind of Pillows Work Best for Combination Sleepers

Each person sleeps differently, and we know people who sleep better on their back. There are others who sleep better on their stomachs, and there are also those who have a hard time breathing on either of those two positions, but can sleep peacefully on their side.

Shapes for Side Sleeper Pillows

While shopping for side sleeper pillows, you will notice that they come in a variety of shapes, some of them quite unusual at first glance:

The Benefits of Using Combination Sleeper Pillows

Some of you may say, “But it’s just a pillow!”

Well, guess what. You can solve a lot of issues through your choice of pillow. In fact, you may even find that the benefits do not just present themselves while you sleep.

Pillow Talk

When it comes to healthy living habits, there are lots of small things we are told to keep an eye on in our daily lives. We’re told to watch our diets, exercise on a regular basis, drink lots of water…

Tips For Healthy Sleeping

Healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in your quality of life. Having healthy sleep habits is often referred to as having good sleep hygiene. Try to keep the following sleep practices on a consistent basis:

Best Practices for Side Sleepers

Best Practices for Side Sleepers

Important Features to Look for in a Pillow for Side Sleeping

A shape which suits your sleeping posture(s). Some side pillows are ideal only for side sleeping, but others are hybrid designs which combine features for side and back sleepers.