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Thank you so much.  Also, just for your information to pass on, I have a client who I ordered forms for 8 years ago from Harris.  She sent them back to me and said the forms had lost there body and didn’t know what had happened. I have never had anyone call me 7 years later wanting to know why their pillows had become flat.

I took the forms out.  Somehow, they had gotten twisted inside the cover (probably from children sleeping on them). These were for the sofa. Anyway, I took the pillow forms out and “fluffed” them and oh my goodness, they were just like when I purchased them from you. Stuffed them right back inside and sent them back to the client. What she didn’t say, I could tell from taking them out of the fabric cover. On top of that, the fabric cover looked about 8 years old, so they had some major grandkids damage but still kept their shape once they were fluffed back in the square they were to begin with. One more thing, couldn’t believe that hardly any feathers had come out of the white fabric. Some, of course, but not what you would think after all that!

– Debbie S.