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Our company, which owns three locations in the Charleston, West Virginia area, has been very pleased with Harris pillows. Before trying Harris we must have tried ten types of pillows. All of which had the same results. They all became flat, lumpy or balled up after washing. The Hampton Inn that we own has the most intense inspections in the country. They always noted to us to replace our pillows. Now that we have changed to Harris we have not changed our pillows in eighteen months and have had no complaints from our guests. The guests like them so much that they ask us if they can buy one. One of our guests commented on them and said that he has neck and back problems and this pillow helped him to get a good night’s sleep. At our Ramada Plaza the pillow met the standard of the Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. We had to change the blanket, sheets, pillow cases, bath towels and wash cloths but not the pillows; his staff was pleased with quality of the pillows. In closing, I bought one for home and I love it. For a hotel owner looking for quality and durability you can’t beat the price and the service is unbeatable.

– Mark E. S.
Facilities Mgr, RAMADA INN
Charleston, West Virginia